Seafood Chowder with Shrimp, Crab, Scallops, Salmon & Clams

Seafood Chowder with Shrimp, Crab, Scallops, Salmon & Clams

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This is the best creamy seafood chowder I have ever had! It has a spicy kick that goes perfectly with the assortment of seafood, corn, carrots and potatoes.

This recipe is deceivingly simple to make because it tastes like it should have taken all day to prepare. Keep in mind that you can adjust the amount of cayenne to your liking (or even remove it completely if you don't want the heat). Serve it with a fresh, crusty bread like french bread or even sourdough!


PREP TIME: 15 Minutes  |  COOK TIME: 45 Minutes  |  SERVES: 8



1 pound large shrimp (peeled, tailed and cut in half)
1 pound colossal scallops (cleaned and cut into quarters)
1/2 pound salmon
1 (6.5oz) can crab - NO SHELLS, with juice (or 1/2 lb fresh crab meat)
1 (6.5oz) can chopped clams - with juice
1 cup sliced carrots
1-1/2 cups chopped potatoes
1 cup chopped green onions
1 can (16oz) sweet corn (drained)
1-1/2 cups milk
1 (8oz) cream cheese
1 family size (22.6oz) cream of mushroom soup
2 tbsp minced garlic
3/4 tsp black pepper
3/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tbsp butter


  1. Put the cream of mushroom soup, cream cheese, and garlic into a large pot over low heat and stir constantly until combined and smooth.

  2. Add the milk, carrots, potatoes, green onions, corn, black pepper and cayenne pepper and stir well. Cover and simmer 25 minutes, stirring fairly often.

  3. While you are simmering, put the salmon in a medium pan with the butter and cook until just done. Remove skin and any bones, flake apart the salmon and set aside.

  4. After you are done simmering, add the shrimp, scallops, salmon, crab (with juice), and clams (with juice). Cook uncovered for another 10 minutes (stirring occassionally), or until the seafood is all done and opaque.

  5. Enjoy with some crusty bread!