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Making it Free and Easy to Buy or Sell Marijuana Related Domain Names

Making it Free to Buy/Sell Marijuana Related Domain Names

Tried selling marijuana / cannabis related domain names? Then you know the huge fees and hassle. Biz420 is free to buy and sell with an easy management system!

Biz420Domains.com is changing the way that domains are bought and sold by removing the brokers (and brokers fees) and giving the negotiating power back to the owner. Why pay someone else to do a poor job of selling your domains when you could easily just sell them yourself? There are many sites out there that list a couple domains for a brokers fee, but getting them to even contact you back is a nightmare. I went through this over and over and eventually decided that there needed to be a central location for cannabis domains with responsive support when needed. Now there is and it happens to be free.


The goal is simple... For Biz420Domains.com to be the one-stop website for both domain buyers and sellers, providing a secure, free, easy to use system.

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Sellers can quickly sign up for an account and list all of their domains for free. Buyers can browse or search and easily contact the sellers directly for purchase or negotiations, without even making an account. The site looks and works great on any device and is simple to navigate.


Posting new ads and managing existing listings is easy. To post a new ad you must first sign up for an account by clicking "REGISTER" from the main menu. It only takes a moment and does not ask for much information. Once you have an account, click "POST AD" from the main menu, fill out and then submit the listing. It's that easy.

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To manage existing listings, simply click "MY ACCOUNT" from the main menu to view all of your current listings. Next to each listing are buttons to edit or delete. For those with a lot of listings, there is a simple search box to quickly find a particular listing.

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Breaking out in the cannabis industry is no easy task and spreading the word about this new project is a full time job! Take a look, give it a try and help spread the word about Biz420Domains.com if you like the site. You never know, you may even find your next business domain!

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