How To: Custom Foam Cutting For The Pelican 1720 Case Using Hot Wire Cutter

How To: Custom Foam For Pelican 1720 Case (Hot Wire Cutter)

There is something extremely satisfying about opening up your gun case and being greeted by your favorite firearms professionally laid out in custom configuration with cuts so clean, it looks like it was made by the factory. All of the items are flush with the top of the foam and the weight is evenly distributed throughout the case. I will show you how to do it using a homemade hot-wire cutter.

How To: Creating A "Floating" Wooden Crate To Package Original Artwork

How To: Create Floating Wooden Crate To Pack / Ship Artwork

Trying to figure out the best way to get our artwork packaged up for ground transport was not as easy as I had hoped. Initially, we were going to have "The Packaging Store" box it but they wanted $160 and what you end up with is basically plastic and bubble wrap in a custom sized cardboard box.